We are always grateful and excited to hear feedback from our book fans. Here are a few of our favorite reviews:

Publisher’s Weekly, May 2015: “It’s time for a nap-a-roo,/ just like the kangaroo,” begins this nap-encouraging board book from first-time author Kurjan, which is built around rhymes with a long “oo” sound. Readers learn that the kangaroo in question—who wears a striped neckerchief and carries a purple stuffed animal in its pouch—“lives in the zoo…/ In Timbuktu…/ With a dog named Lou” and other animals. While the rhymes aren’t especially imaginative, Parker’s cheery and polished digital cartoons show real talent, and the book maintains a sense of fun (including a “Coo Coo Ka Choo” dance break) from start to finish. Up to age 3. (BookLife)

Story Monsters Ink Magazine, November 2015 (Darleen Wohlfeil):  “Oh, there is nothing like the little board books that introduce our little ones to the joysof reading! Nap-A-Roo, written by Kristy Kurjan and illustrated by Tyler Parker, is true to its genre. Simple words that flow with ease, bright colors and animation to capture the attention and a rhyming rhythm that carries it through. It’s fast, fun and engaging, and will keep them wanting to read it … one more time!”

Custer County Chronicle, September 2015 (Jesse Najacht):  “Hola! The short book, “Nap-A- Roo” by Kristy Kurjan, is about a kangaroo who lives in a zoo and is getting ready to take a nap. Parents can read this rhyming book to their toddlers when it is time for them to take a nap. The kangaroo has a blanket and teddy bear, all the things it needs for a nap. Some of the animals wave to the kangaroo as he goes to take a nap. Other animals like the lion, wolf and cow also are also getting ready for a nap. Parents can teach their toddlers about the ani- mals as they read the book to them. I would recommend this book to parents who need to help their children take naps. I would have liked it if my parents read this to me when I was younger. I think children will like the colorful and cute illustra- tions. The book mentioned a place called Timbuktu which I never heard of before. I looked it up and learned that Timbuktu is a city in Mali, which is a country in Africa. Cool! I like geography and learning about new places. ¡Adios! Until next time.” Reviewer: “Trey’s favorite new book is Nap-a-roo…we have a stack of books on the window sill at our house and more often than not, he pulls the stack over and then reaches for Nap-a-roo before climbing into my lap and wanting a read through. LOVE it =) Great work lady!!”

“My 3 year old son loves this one for the rhyme scheme! We both love the sweet transition to a nice (long!?!) nap every time! Thank you Kristy Kurjan.”

“This book is adorable! It is short, sweet, engaging, and fun. Our 1 year old daughter loves reading it. This is a must have book for little ones.”

“I read Emma her new Nap a Roo book this morning and she fell right to sleep! Great pictures, nice brief story! I love the purple hippo!  Thank you!”

“Matthew found a puppet kangaroo in our mass of stuffed animals yesterday- he ran and grabbed his nap-a-roo book to show me it was the same!!!
I then had to read it 3 times :)”

“My 3 year old really liked this book. It is colorful and engaging to kids. I really love the illustrations (as an artist) and the kangaroo character is adorable. I would recommend this book to those with children.”

“A great book for children!! -and for parents 🙂 The story is adorable and the pictures are engaging. Love it!”

“My boy LOVES the bright pictures! It’s a short book, so you may need to read it 2-3 times lol”

“When I showed her the book she immediately took it from me, started talking about how the kangaroo on the front was a mommy, and then wanted to flip through the book by herself and look at the pictures.”

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