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A Monster Review…

A Monster Review…

A Monster Review…

We are honored to have Nap-a-Roo picture book reviewed in this month’s issue of Story Monsters Ink Magazine. What a spetacular publication for littles readers!!! (See: Monster Reviews on page 35)

Here is a quick synopsis of what reviewer Darleen Wohlfeil had to say:

“Oh, there is nothing like the little board books that introduce our little ones to the joysof reading! Nap-A-Roo, written by Kristy Kurjan and illustrated by Tyler Parker, is true to its genre. Simple words that flow with ease, bright colors and animation to capture the attention and a rhyming rhythm that carries it through. It’s fast, fun and engaging, and will keep them wanting to read it … one more time!”

Read the entire free children’s publication here!  and sign up for your FREE digital subscription at: Monster Ink Magazine November 2015

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