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Amazon Baby: Why I love it & what to add to a registry

Amazon Baby: Why I love it & what to add to a registry

Amazon Baby: Why I love it & what to add to a registry

Long after I gave birth to my twins I realized that I should have registered at  A very close girl friend of mine, Jessi, ended up registering on this site and she opened my eyes to why it works so well. No, this isn’t just an ad for their services… I actually wish I had registered with them for a few reason:

#1- You can add items from multiple websites (Pottery Barn and Land of Nod?! Woah, I wish I had done this because certain items are more appealing at each store)
#2- You can search for the best priced version of the items you want
#3-There is a 10% completion discount 30 days before your due date
#4- Everyone has easy access to registry list and it’s easy to find
#5- If your friends and family have Amazon Prime they can ship (most) registry gifts 2-day for free (well, kind of, you have to pay for Amazon Prime… But, let me tell you, Amazon Prime is worth it!)
#6- 90 day return policy (Not the best… But, not the worst)
#7- Choices!!!! You have SO many choices… Did I already say that?

In the end, it doesn’t matter where or even if you have a baby registry, but there are some amazing products out there that will help make your new-mommy life easier. Here are some of my favorite baby items. By no means do you NEED all (or any) of these items:

Baby Einstein Sleep Aquarium… This is a MUST have for your nursery. Around 6 months old, your sweet little baby will learn to hit the star fish to sooth themselves back to sleep at night. Those little plastic fish are mesmerizing, don’t you think!


This Sleep Sheep is not just adorable, but it serves a purpose… It has a variety of soothing sounds that will make your life better- Trust me.  

Sophie The Giraffe is america’s favorite chew toy for a reason!

I wish they made these cozy baby chairs for adults… They vibrate, play soft tunes, and create a cozy place to park your little one.

Register for a BOPPY-  which is an U shaped pillow- Then register for a nice cover from Pottery Barn.

When it comes to a “pack n’ play” I don’t think you need anything fancy, just safe. So, in my opinion, opt for a less expensive version unless you truly plan to use all of the bells and whistles on the expensive ones. I mainly uses these as travel cribs.

A play mat/gym… When it comes to this item it doesn’t matter which brand you choose, go with what looks good to you. However, I must say, babies are attracted to (there there for happier with) bright ugly toys…. Just sayin’

Isn’t this gross! Yes, you suck snot out of your babies’ nose. BUT, in the middle of winter when your little peanut is suffering from the sniffles, you will be SO glad you have this random invention.

I LOVED my baby swings, they were the only thing that let me sleep a couple extra minutes when the twins woke up. Bottom line, worth it!

Add a play station like this to your registry… It doesn’t matter which style or brand, just pick the one you like the most. 

I didn’t have a Mom-a-Roo but I wish I did… If you can add something extra to your registry, why not make it a Mom-a-Roo?!  It is a lot like the swing, so if you already have a swing you might not want to register for this item. It does take up a lot of room (and so does the swing!) 

This is the best looking drying rack I have found- Add it! 

Add this elbow bath pad (and the matching knee pad too). Its nice to have when you are giving the toddlers baths for years to come.

Nubba Wubbas are the best- Get one! And if your little one ends up liking it, it will be your best friend. 

Ergo Baby makes the nicest carriers… If you are planning on registering for a baby carrier, pick this brand. It is nice. More expensive than others, but nice. Obviously, don’t forget to add a copy of Nap-a-Roo to your registry! You will be happy when you read it and your baby goes straight down for a nap! 

Here is a link to get your registry started.

Once you become a “MOM”… You can sign up for Amazon Mom, which I would recommend as well.  But that is for another day.

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