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Midwest Book Review: “Small Press Bookwatch”

Thank you Midwest Book Review for sharing Nap A Roo Children’s Book in your online book review magazine : August 2015 issue!

Nap-a-Roo Children’s Book Review from Midwest Book Review:

“Nap-a-Roo” is a brilliant board bedtime book for preschoolers. Winner of multiple awards (2014 silver Moonbeam Award for Best Board Book, 2015 Silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Picture Book), “Nap-a-Roo” deserves its spot at the head of the Social Media list of the top 10 ways to coax a baby to NAP! (Hint: Readers might want to check the list for other helpful bedtime routine suggestions, because “Nap-a-Roo” fans are likely to request repeat performances.) Part of the catchy naptime charm of “Nap-a-Roo” is its lilting, singsong versed narrative, with each page’s line ending in a rhyme with “roo.” “It’s time for a nap-a-roo, just like the kangaroo… That lives in the zoo…. In Timbuktu… With a dog named Lou… And a cow that says “moo.” Coo Ka Choo So let’s take a nap-a-roo, because… I love you!” The second juicy layer of naptime joy in “Nap-a-Roo” is the fantastic, imaginative, one of a kind colorful illustrations that seem to absolutely grow into being out of the text. Tots and toddlers will love tracing the silly details of every bright page until their eyes get heavier and heavier…. and it’s another successful naptime for “Nap-a-Roo.”

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