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Wholesale Board Book Orders

Wholesale Ordering: Wholesale orders can easily be purchased directly from the following links:,, and . Contact KPO Creative LLC for current wholesale terms including this exciting partnership offer with (see below)

One thought on “Wholesale Board Book Orders

  1. Stacey Beeler

    Hi. I am contacting you from Expo Believe. We are a ONE WEEK online wholesale event and we are hand picking our exhibitors. We are looking for a top selling products and would LOVE to have you participate.

    We are only allowing 28 exhibitors in each category and we are handpicking those. You are a choice of one of our team members and that is why we are contacting you today. If you participate, you will have an online booth where shoppers can visit and be directed to your website or even your wholesale site (ex. faire).

    Please take a minute to look at our floor plan site ( where you can see what booths are open and available. The greatest part is that the booths are only $69.95 for this first show and buyers are attending from small, medium and large boutiques and stores. If you participate this show, you will be a founding exhibitor and receive a discount on future shows as the price of booths will increase.

    Please let me know if you are at all interested and I am happy to hop on a call, text or email me.

    606-706-3976 (call or text)

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