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Creative Kids Board Books
Teach your child the love of reading through our Creative Kids series of board books.  Making reading bright and fun for eager minds.  Enjoy these great board books by Kristy Kurjan:

The Many Ways To Say I Love You: Kristy Kurjan’s The Many Ways To Say I Love You illustrates how to enjoy the gift of love with our friends and family. From a high-five, a belly laugh and time shared in play… Kindness and joy are simple pleasures that are found throughout life’s journey. The book’s “early reader” style poetry shows special moments children share with their loved ones: “When holding hands to cross the road… mom squeezes three times, it is our special code.” The colorful and quirky illustration
s make this book enjoyable for babies, toddlers and adults.

Dream Sweet Dreams: This board book celebrates the joy of creativity through dreams. It’s bright illustrations bring a smile to both young and old. The short and sweet rhyming text is ideal for bedtime reading. There are endless possibilities to whatchildren can imagine. From penguins eating ice cream to cute cuddle bugs, what do you dream?

Nap-a-Roo Board Book: It’s time for a nap-a-roo just like the kangaroo. Little ones can’t get enough of this adorable board book. With colorful images and imaginative text, your little one will fall in love with the story. Fast, fun, and engaging, Nap-a-Roo makes sleepy time special for children and parents! This board book makes an excellent gift for new parents and small toddlers. It is a popular product for newborn gift registries.

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Kristy Kurjan’s books have been the recipient of many honors including: 

PrintSilverBenFranklinAwardindie excellence book awards finalis 2015